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Upgrading PHP 5.3 to 5.4 in VPS account

As with most web hosts, the apache, php & mysql versions are woefully stuck in older versions. While PHP 5.3 itself doesn't sound like too old, it's not enough for many latest php packages. Serveral new features were added in PHP 5.4 and the popular PHP packages are keen to take advantage of it. As PHP 5.5 with even more features is now getting stable, PHP 5.4 doesn't sound like too latest.

Why not upgrade to PHP 5.5 then?

Software lock to limit one installation per account

It is quite easy to use software without authorization in Windows PCs. May be it will become a thing of past with Windows is going the mobile OS ways. Verifying the user (or at least the device) is not a problem in mobile apps.

In mobile platforms each device is identified with a user. That was not the case with PCs. Slowly this will change. But for the time being, we still have this problem.

How to check & restrict the software to run on only one PC (per license / account or whatever)?

Responsive Wordpress Themes that are comfortable to customize

Responsive to various devices

Most wordpress themes are now 'responsive'. They have to. But most site owners don't have a clue. They now know & generally agree that there should be a 'mobile' version for their website. And with 'responsive' being the new catch phrase, if a theme is said to be 'responsive' they accept it.

Upgrading to latest version within Drupal 6

Upgrade to latest Drupal

This procedure is intended to help people who like to update their Drupal 6 based site on their own. (Standard disclaimer apply - details below. Basically it means, 'do it at your own risk') :)

Upgrading to latest Drupal6 version can be quite simple really!

Here are the highly simplified steps:

Deciding on layout style for your Drupal based website

drupal theme wireframe

Often people ask me about sample layouts for their Drupal based website. Given the needs & features, the layouts can be anything from standard 3 col. layout to magazine style or business style with slideshows, snippets at many places etc.

One thing that stumbles many are, drupal theme screenshots usually don't look that way. Choosing a Drupal theme is different from say, choosing a Wordpress theme. We cannot easily decide by the looks of a screenshot or a demo site.

Three column layout

Mini Website in Facebook pages

Facebook Page

Now that having a Facebook page is getting a norm for businesses who care to have a social presence online, it is natural to evolve it into a mini website.

Since the facebook page can act as a nerve center of their social interaction. Many businesses want to present their products/services in a few pages. Though it is unecessary, some people prefer to have a copy of a few important pages from their existing website.

There's an App for that!

Cleaning an elusive malware in wordpress site

Don't know why it should be only Wordpress sites. But I've removed multiple malware attacks in 3 - 4 client websites in the last 3 years, and All of them used Wordpress. Most importantly, (I think this is the main reason) all of them runs in web servers that allow Automatic Updating of plugins without FTP.

Points to note if upgrading from Drupal 6.x to Drupal7.x

Server requirements for Drupal7

Drupal7 was launched in January 2011. About 7-8 months later, we are now able to practically use it for web projects. Important 3rd party modules such as 'Views' were now available & stable in Drupal7. So any web project that go for a complete revamp/re-design of existing drupal sites also look for upgrading to Drupal7. New drupal projects naturally look to use the latest major version available. site re-structure & re-launch

Viggie site re-launch is now re-built from ground up, revamped & re-structured to work effectively. The site still runs in latest version of Drupal 6 (ver.6.22 at the time of this writing). It was actually planned with Drupal7 and made everything in working order in my local server.

However, found only when I update it to site that this web server will not support Drupal7. Drupal7 needs an extension "PHP Data Objects" enabled. (Will write a separate post on this.) As it is hosted in a friend's server who is not ready to upgrade now, I went back to Drupal6 for the time being.

Steps to use Featured Image in Wordpress

featured image usage

It's a given today, each blog post should have at least an image. Wordpress is more aware of this and have options to easily add images/videos to posts. But we often need a specific image for a post that can used by wp themes in separate locations from text content. Something like slideshows on home page or stylish display of posts in home page (as in screenshot above) needs this.

Wordpress added an option called 'Featured Image' as early as it's version 2.9. But it's not intuitive & not all themes avail this either.

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