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Easy way to install Tweetdeck in ubuntu

Tweetdeck installation

Tweetdeck the favorite twitter application that helps coping up & organize our tweet experience is now available for Linux desktops. Clicking 'download' button from a linux PC will turn the button text to 'Installing Tweetdeck'. You can keep on waiting, but nothing will happen.

To really install Tweetdeck in Ubuntu (or in any linux distros) have a look at Tweetdeck's support page.

But wait, it's even easier!

Firefox 4 will look like Google Chrome?

Firefox 4

It seems I will be blogging about browsers more. As html5 & css3 is coming closer to regular usage, browsers are now following Google Chrome.

Google Chrome used to follow the features of Opera, but with its big company backup & fast action features making others to emulate its visual behavior.

Mike Beltzner, Mozilla's director of Firefox has this to say in his presentation. The visuals of Firefox4 look remarkably similar to Google Chrome. With all the proposed features, I hope it would spur another round of healthy competition of browsers.

Do developers prefer Chrome over Firefox?

Google Chrome seems to be gaining acceptance among web developers. PHP Classes blog says that php developers are switching to Chrome. But their chart shows that it's only a trickle.

Screenshot of PHP Classes blog

Way of things to come to desktop / mobile screens - 3D

Bumptop 3D desktop

Bumptop 3D desktop interface is really cool. Just as it is poised to make waves (recently launched a Mac version), Google lapped it up & pulling it out of market.

The move seems rational as the only thing lacking in Google's arsenal for mobile phone market is the 'wow' factor. Have a look at the video on the shape of things to come.

Since Google withdraws these apps from the market, it seems it may take a new avatar in Android & also in various ways in Chrome OS.

​usage experience ubuntu vs open suse

OpenSuse and ubuntu

I have long been a user of Suse Linux. Two months back, I had the opportunity to install & use uBuntu on PC and ubuntu Studio on a laptop. And recently updated my main PC Suse Linux Enterprise Editon 10 to Open Suse 11.1.

The differences are only skin deep if you are a user. But if you install them on your own, they both show completely different traits. It can make or break a linux usage experience for a new user. This post is an attempt to help choose between the two. relaunched in drupal version 6

The large drupal's main site ( was updated to version 6 last month. I finally managed to find time to move from version 5.

It is a relaunch & slightly different from updating from version 5 to 6. The layout is changed & the presentation is improved. Based on my experience I will write soon on the steps that were needed to update Drupal site from Version 5 to 6.

Missing conveniences in Google Chrome

The new browser from Google created quite a stir. Lot of speed tests & comparisons with Firefox were available in the net.

Firefox extensions that help web development

It is no coincidence that Firefox is the default browser for most web developers. The reason is not just security or tabbed browsing. It has become an invaluable tool in web development, particularly on creating & debugging XHTML and CSS layouts.

If we have to measure the exact space available between columns on screen, or if we have to find the which block breaks the layout, we can find it right away with a few clicks. Firefox makes CSS bug tracking much simpler.

Suse Linux - SLED 10 installation experience

Judging by the reviews on the net, both uBuntu & Suse seemed attractive. While I liked the spirit & energy associated with uBuntu, the server edition I had does not come with a GUI. I need the GUI as well as the LAMP server for developing websites. I opted to install Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED 10) for my new PC mainly because I got the DVD.

Basic Installation

Moved to a separate office

It has been a long time. Between the long gap, I had a good share of Drupal based projects writing a few custom-build modules for specific purposes. And also gained experience in writing Worldpress plugins. These modules & plugins were custom-build and can't be shared with others. I intend to write a few general purpose drupal modules. A kind of giving back to the community.

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