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Projects using various versions of Drupal (from Ver.5.x to 7.x), and also using various distributions such as 'Open Atrium', 'Open Publish' and 'Drupal Commons'.

Seek Your Guru, USA - India


An e-training/learning platform where one can offer their expert training to others. The 'Gurus' can train 'Students' through online on a specified hour, sort of a webinar. Alternately, a Guru can post video or offer their training in question-answer style where student asks & a Guru guides them.

Gurus can either offer for free to for a fee. Students can rate their classes. Gurus can run blogs in their field of expertise. And an elaborate Dashboard to manage their courses.


  • Multiple level user roles - Guru, Student, Admin & Moderator

AppointRecruitment, UK


Consultant Job Site with detailed search feature to find jobs. Done with Drupal 5.x


  • Search by Location, Salary range, Expertise etc.
  • Jobs were posted by Editors
  • Employers can send vacancy information through site

Platform: Drupal 5.x

Client: e-nablers, UK
Year: 2008

ITW Networks, UK

ITW Networks

UK based Executives Network that have focused channels and arranges events regularly. Online spaces for exclusive access to each channel group members to interact within them & also to register for events.


  • 'Organic Groups' is put to good use.
  • Custom displays and javascript 'accordion' style display of descriptions.
  • Multple roles of Users.

Platform: Drupal 6.x

Client: enablers, UK
Year: 2009


A group of ex-AOL marketers set out to start a news portal with user participation. Built an elaborate news approval system where content submitted by users will be evaluated & published by Editors & Moderators. Writers will have a profile, star rating pages. Content voted up will appear on home page. The ad revenue on the individual pages of news will be shared with the news provider. Integrated the site with OpenX ad server.

Northwood Clinic, UK

Business site with a simple blog. Implementation of design to Drupal theme and module customization. Done with Drupal 6.x

Platform: Drupal 6.x

Client: Northwood Clinic, UK
Year: 2009

BaseEngineering, USA


Literally a brochure site for an engineering products manufacturing company. Made in Drupal 5.x.


  • Client specific preference is that their website should resemble their printed brochure
  • 100s of products under various categories. Hence Drupal is used.
  • Customized theme, views and content/image updated

Platform: Drupal 5.x

Client: Ghosh, Canada
Year: 2008

DebtFreeDirect, UK

An public-listed financial (loans) advisor company who advices on IVA, Bankruptcy, Insolvency etc.


  • Converted an existing html based site to Drupal CMS
  • A phone number should appear on header, depending on how a visitor is arrived
  • The phone number is one among 150 phone numbers for specific purposes. More can be added by admin through admin interface.
  • Same phone number should appear for a visitor any time he/she comes back to site in next 30 days.

DebtAdviceTrust, UK

A content driven site aimed to guide visitors to three financial advisor sites. Sort of a community site giving advice to come out of debt. A perfect candidate for using Drupal!


1. Should not look like it runs on a CMS
2. A blog and forum to be run from single sign-up.

Worked for: Digivate, UK
Year: August, 2007.

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