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Drupal, Wordpress

I (Viggie) specialize in Drupal and Wordpress. Create lasting solutions for Web Projects, integrating various technologies together to build seamless web experience.

I also help in planning & managing 'Complete Web Presence' for businesses. It includes social networking (facebook, twitter, google+,...) presence & interaction, online events & contests & specific apps for mobiles phones.
Apps Social Networks

I am a true netizen, living on the net. Being hooked completely to the joy of internet and thoroughly enjoying the way it evolved. Physically living in India, I design and maintain web sites for clients all over the world, promote it on the net and also find a suitable host if required.


I have been programming Computers for the last 23 years. And designing, programming on the web for the past 11 years. I have assisted in concept, planning and designing web presence for businesses. Improved traffic on some sites by re-vitalizing and managing the contents. Designed and implemented intra-networking.

I am willing to share my experiences on web programming. Would like to help in establishing web presence, and making it a success.

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