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Upgrading to latest version within Drupal 6

Upgrade to latest Drupal

This procedure is intended to help people who like to update their Drupal 6 based site on their own. (Standard disclaimer apply - details below. Basically it means, 'do it at your own risk') :)

Upgrading to latest Drupal6 version can be quite simple really!

Here are the highly simplified steps:

Deciding on layout style for your Drupal based website

drupal theme wireframe

Often people ask me about sample layouts for their Drupal based website. Given the needs & features, the layouts can be anything from standard 3 col. layout to magazine style or business style with slideshows, snippets at many places etc.

One thing that stumbles many are, drupal theme screenshots usually don't look that way. Choosing a Drupal theme is different from say, choosing a Wordpress theme. We cannot easily decide by the looks of a screenshot or a demo site.

Three column layout

Points to note if upgrading from Drupal 6.x to Drupal7.x

Server requirements for Drupal7

Drupal7 was launched in January 2011. About 7-8 months later, we are now able to practically use it for web projects. Important 3rd party modules such as 'Views' were now available & stable in Drupal7. So any web project that go for a complete revamp/re-design of existing drupal sites also look for upgrading to Drupal7. New drupal projects naturally look to use the latest major version available.

Viggie.com site re-structure & re-launch

Viggie site re-launch

Viggie.com is now re-built from ground up, revamped & re-structured to work effectively. The site still runs in latest version of Drupal 6 (ver.6.22 at the time of this writing). It was actually planned with Drupal7 and made everything in working order in my local server.

However, found only when I update it to site that this web server will not support Drupal7. Drupal7 needs an extension "PHP Data Objects" enabled. (Will write a separate post on this.) As it is hosted in a friend's server who is not ready to upgrade now, I went back to Drupal6 for the time being.

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