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social networking

Mini Website in Facebook pages

Facebook Page

Now that having a Facebook page is getting a norm for businesses who care to have a social presence online, it is natural to evolve it into a mini website.

Since the facebook page can act as a nerve center of their social interaction. Many businesses want to present their products/services in a few pages. Though it is unecessary, some people prefer to have a copy of a few important pages from their existing website.

There's an App for that!

Easy way to install Tweetdeck in ubuntu

Tweetdeck installation

Tweetdeck the favorite twitter application that helps coping up & organize our tweet experience is now available for Linux desktops. Clicking 'download' button from a linux PC will turn the button text to 'Installing Tweetdeck'. You can keep on waiting, but nothing will happen.

To really install Tweetdeck in Ubuntu (or in any linux distros) have a look at Tweetdeck's support page.

But wait, it's even easier!

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