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Upgrading PHP 5.3 to 5.4 in VPS account

As with most web hosts, the apache, php & mysql versions are woefully stuck in older versions. While PHP 5.3 itself doesn't sound like too old, it's not enough for many latest php packages. Serveral new features were added in PHP 5.4 and the popular PHP packages are keen to take advantage of it. As PHP 5.5 with even more features is now getting stable, PHP 5.4 doesn't sound like too latest.

Why not upgrade to PHP 5.5 then?

Easy way to install Tweetdeck in ubuntu

Tweetdeck installation

Tweetdeck the favorite twitter application that helps coping up & organize our tweet experience is now available for Linux desktops. Clicking 'download' button from a linux PC will turn the button text to 'Installing Tweetdeck'. You can keep on waiting, but nothing will happen.

To really install Tweetdeck in Ubuntu (or in any linux distros) have a look at Tweetdeck's support page.

But wait, it's even easier!

​usage experience ubuntu vs open suse

OpenSuse and ubuntu

I have long been a user of Suse Linux. Two months back, I had the opportunity to install & use uBuntu on PC and ubuntu Studio on a laptop. And recently updated my main PC Suse Linux Enterprise Editon 10 to Open Suse 11.1.

The differences are only skin deep if you are a user. But if you install them on your own, they both show completely different traits. It can make or break a linux usage experience for a new user. This post is an attempt to help choose between the two.

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