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Responsive Wordpress Themes that are comfortable to customize

Responsive to various devices

Most wordpress themes are now 'responsive'. They have to. But most site owners don't have a clue. They now know & generally agree that there should be a 'mobile' version for their website. And with 'responsive' being the new catch phrase, if a theme is said to be 'responsive' they accept it.

Cleaning an elusive malware in wordpress site

Don't know why it should be only Wordpress sites. But I've removed multiple malware attacks in 3 - 4 client websites in the last 3 years, and All of them used Wordpress. Most importantly, (I think this is the main reason) all of them runs in web servers that allow Automatic Updating of plugins without FTP.

Steps to use Featured Image in Wordpress

featured image usage

It's a given today, each blog post should have at least an image. Wordpress is more aware of this and have options to easily add images/videos to posts. But we often need a specific image for a post that can used by wp themes in separate locations from text content. Something like slideshows on home page or stylish display of posts in home page (as in screenshot above) needs this.

Wordpress added an option called 'Featured Image' as early as it's version 2.9. But it's not intuitive & not all themes avail this either.

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