Web Development - Drupal

Drupal CMS has the ability to morph itself completely for most website requirements.

Drupal CMS

Drupal is an open-source Content Management System that has been used by many high profile sites including Warner Brothers Records, The New York Observer, Fast Company, Popular Science, and Amnesty International

The strength of Drupal is in having only basic necessities on core engine. All the features including the compulsory User Log-in System exist in "modules". We can add just the right modules and have a unique CMS just for your website. This approach helps avoid bloatware that easily accumulates on successful software packages.

We can also customize any of these 'modules' for your requirement. And, if no existing module comes close to your needs, we can write a module on our own. This 'LEGO' type of building blocks of modules is without doubt the strength of Drupal.

SEO ready websites

With Drupal, creating cleaner URLs comes natural. The addresses of your site pages can be something like 'www.yoursite.com/about/profile.html' while the pages are being served by Drupal automatically.

Table-less layouts, semantic codes, separate title & page headers are other advantages of using Drupal CMS. Leaving you to focus on other aspects of SE optimization.

Blogs, Forums as part of your business site

Business blogs and support forums do not need additional software. Drupal can handle them well in addition to handling main site's content. You will get the advantage of having single log-in system for both blogs & forums. Ofcourse, users can be restricted to post only in forums or blogs as we like.

RSS feeds, Galleries, handling multimedia

All web2.0 activities such as social networking, feed contents from other authority sites and handling videos & podcasting can be done with ease. You can enable RSS news feeds from your site's blog or product pages.

With other default built-in features like, customized 'Page not found' error pages, status report and detailed log entries for admin, etc., the advantages are too many. If you want to be sure, just send your website requirements so that I can confirm the feasibility and a no-obligations estimate of time duration, costs involved.